All Solid Woods, Professional Restoration Condition, Excellent Condition, Sound & Playing - ready to go "In the Workshop" for restoration, available for pre-order, pending restoration!

Restoration to be Completed Listing - fully restored the price will be £599.00 - meantime, photos show the guitar itself, prior to restoration.

Update - 22/01/2021 - Pre-ordered for a customer in Sussex!

One of my favourite guitars to restore, along with the all-Mahogany H165 (Lightnin' Hopkins) version....not completed one of these for some time, although another one I have has just been reserved on pre-order and restoration work on that one will commence shortly. Quite a number of previous sales have included one I had had for quite a long time, as my own guitar, because I like the H162 particularly, but I had really used it little, and was always been conscious that the action was just a tad on the high side, and I wasn't very happy with the Mahogany bridge, which was a replacement before I had it, so decided on a full refurb. As part of this I have individually purpose made and fitted a new American Black Walnut bridge, in addition to levelling the fingerboard to give a good action, and refretting.

That guitar was sold last year to Dave Beckett - Acoustic Blues & Roots - came all the way up here to try it out, and went back with the H162 and also a nice little 1930s Harmony parlor. He was very happy with the H162, and last I heard had fitted an L R Baggs picking & was gigging with it. You can see Dave's guitar - VTG1477 - if you select the VTG SALES ARCHIVE *** BLUES VINTAGE OM/GRAND CONCERT GUITARS *** HARMONY USA ACOUSTIC MODELS FROM 1950S/1960S/1970S page.

When restoration is complete, this guitar should be equally good, but will retain the original bridge (just with a new set of bridge pins to replace the broken ones at present), once both the bridge and the neck joint have been reset.
Stock Number: VTG1514.

Feedback comments on previous H162 sales have included "Wonderful tone and very, very playable. I'm having trouble putting it down. It's as you said, a great fingerstyle guitar and, in open G, a fab slide guitar. Again, thank you very much, Bob." and "Collected from seller. Very happy indeed!".

Here is an opportunity to buy another professionally restored example of my favourite family of guitars - the classic Bluesman's guitar with the combination of All Solid Woods - Spruce and Mahogany, Chicago, USA built Harmony H162 Flattop Acoustic Guitar. The original inside ink date stamp looks to read F-65, indicating that it was made in one of the 1965 production runs. This is one of Harmony's longest running model ranges, first made as far back as 1940, through to 1971, and part of the "family" of Harmony models which also includes the All Mahogany H165, OM size or "Grand Concert", as Harmony labelled them, both beloved of many bluesmen of the time, for there sound quality and sheer playability, including Lightnin' Hopkins on the H165.

With it's ladder braced body, and original finish, the components all appear original, and the restoration will be completed, working in conjunction with a well-respected and highly experienced professional luthier, in his workshop, with his involvement and supervision.

I am very enthusiastic about this family of Harmony guitars, which I think rival many far more exalted and expensive USA made acoustics in terms of tone, volume and sheer playability - an ideal addition to any collection of blues/vintage guitars!
Overall, the condition is considered to be as good as you will find on a near 50 year old vintage acoustic, as I hope you will see in the photos! Inevitably there is superficial and local slight marking and small chips, including small area of finish marking/loss around the bridge, slight discolouration to the tortoiseshell coloured bindings, but all really minimal for a guitar of it's age. The Solid Spruce top has some very nice grain and figured markings, and the Solid Mahogany back and sides are excellent, well set-off by tortoiseshell edged and black and white multiple top binding, and matching single tortoiseshell to the back, cream/black soundhole binding and original tortoiseshell pattern scratchplate.

The original tuners show only a little age-related discolouration, and work fine. The restoration work to carried out in the luthier's workshop, includes re-setting the neck joint, which has pulled up a little, as many do, and will be reset to give a good neck angle and playing action. Following this the fingerboard will be re-attached and a decision will be made as to whether it is necessary to re-level the very nice Rosewood board or not. If so, this will require the removal of the original frets, although neither these nor the fingerboard show any significant degree of play wear, and re-fretting.

The other main job to be completed is re-setting the original Rosewood bridge, which again is slightly lifting off the guitar top. Again this is not unusual, but prior to re-setting, the underlying finish will be cleaned off, to allow proper glue adhesion to the join between bridge & top, and the original factory fitted bolts will be re-installed, so the guitar will have a far more secure bridge seating than it had when it left the Harmony factory in Chicago 50 years ago.

The result will be one of the very nicest of the many H162s I have restored and sold - I make no secret of the fact that I think these guitars are special, and I think that the next owner of this one will have an exceptional guitar.
Action, strings & cases
When properly set-up these guitars always play very well, with a comfortable "C" profile neck. The present action on this one is not disastrously high but, when the neck is reset, I will be looking for a good action of around 3mm. at the 12th fret. This should give scope for both fretted and Bottleneck playing, although a nut riser can be bought for a few pounds, if you wish to use the guitar for lap/slide playing at times. It has the standard Harmony 1.75"/44.5mm. width Nut, and 25.25"/641mm. scale length. It will be strung with a set of Martin Bronze Light 12-54 strings.

The is no case included, but I may be able to offer additional options of period or modern hardshell cases (including Hiscox Liteflite), or a gigbag, and the guitar will be packed securely for postage.
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Check out the YouTube video I have embedded here, entitled "Vintage 1960's Harmony H-162 acoustic guitar. Restored." by top-flight American Guitarist James Ralston and also Lightnin' Hopkins playing the similar model guitar on "Going Down Slow", which is included in "Useful Links" below, to hear the great tone these guitars have!
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