Excellent condition example of recent production version of the Baritone model from the Artist 60 Series, appears same spec. as current model, but with B-Band Electrics.

AVAILABLE & READY TO GO! - Selling on commission for a customer.

Update - 25/10/2021 - Now sold & on it's way to buyer in Lancashire!

Feedback! - "Excellently packed -Thank you! Nice deep tone that I’m going to enjoy. Will leave v positive reviews etc."

For an introduction, can't improve on the opening paragraph from the maker's own website description of the guitar....."Tuned from B to B, the ABT60E is pitched between a dreadnought and acoustic bass to give you deep tones with easy playability. Chord shapes and scales are the same as a standard six string but the voicing is lower. This is one of Alvarez’s best selling models and within five minutes of owning one you’ll see why. A great guitar to play."
Stock Number: VTGC1069.

Online, from BARITONE GUITAR.ORG, I have found a vey useful review of exactly this model, with the B-Band Electrics, rather than the later Baggs-equipped version. I give the link so you can read the full review, which is generally positive, apart from minor set-up niggles, which I think we have overcome on overhaul prior to sale. Following are review extracts....

"Build: 4 out of 5: The build on the ABT60 is very good. No, you won't swear you're holding a $2k guitar. But the guitar does not feel cheap and the components all reinforce the notion of quality: the solid Sitka Spruce top, bone nut and saddle, scalloped x bracing, and binding all tell you that this instrument was built for musicians. This guitar just feels right."

"Ease of Play: 4 out of 5: Out of the box, the action on the ABT60 is good for a baritone............Your fingers will become accustomed to the piano wire sized strings......

The feel of the ABT60 neck is where this guitar shines in the ease of play department........While the neck on this Alvarez is thicker than many guitars, it maintains a surprisingly comfortable profile.

One more ease of play note: this guitar is truly jumbo. At just over 17 inches across the lower bout, the ABT60 is a beast. For most players, this is a factor of which one should be aware - but not a show stopper."

"Tone: 4.5 out of 5: Tone is where the ABT60 shines. The first chord you play will connect with you at the soul level. The tone is warm and responsive. Both highs and lows are clear and articulate. The ABT60 also lets the earthy combination of wood and strings come through beautifully in your playing. This guitar feels alive and you will feel the same way when you pick one up.

The ABT60E (acoustic electric version) features the SYS550 pickup designed by B-Band. If you are not familiar with B-Band, they are a manufacturer offering an alternative to piezo crystal pickups. B-Band asserts their "electret film technology" behaves more like a condenser mic, capturing the natural sound of the guitar.

Plugged in through a simple acoustic combo amplifier or small PA, the ABT60E does reproduce a remarkably faithful unplugged tone. With some acoustic electrics, you can feel like you have two tonal personalities (an unplugged personality and different personality when plugged in). This is not the case with the ABT60E."

"Overall: 4.5 out of 5: The Alvarez ABT60 is a well-built, nicely-appointed baritone acoustic guitar. Tone-wise, the ABT60 is a wonderful value for the price. Singer-songwriters should consider this guitar (especially those living on a singer-songwriter budget) as the guitar's quality of tone and baritone voicing will let open chords and drone tones shine in a way that makes simple phrasings sound unique and beautiful.

If you are looking for a true baritone acoustic for under $1,000, you should get your hands on the Alvarez ABT60 or ?ABT60E?. You won't be disappointed."

Very good condition...only the slightest of marks visible.
Action, strings & cases
Action as it arrived was way too low. Truss rod has already been relaxed, and saddle requires adjusting for a little more height...set-up will be re-checked and any adjustments needed will be completed, prior to sale, to give a correct action set-up for a long scale, low tuned Baritone guitar.

I will re-check but the strings appear to be 16 to 70 gauge which are the heaviest of 3 baritone sets produced by D'Addario, although it is not clear whether these are as per the original spec.

The good condition TGI black gig bag it came with is included.

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*** KEY FEATURES *** Also from the Baritone Guitar.Org review, but edited where dimensions not 100% accurate.

Top Wood: Solid A+ Sitka Spruce * Back & Sides Wood: Mahogany * Finish: 50/50 Semi-gloss * Bracing: Forward Shifted, Scalloped X * Bridge: Bi-Level Rosewood * Fingerboard: Rosewood * Nut & Saddle: Bone * Tuners Die-Cast * Binding: Ivory ABS * Overall Length (mm) 1065 * Body Width (mm) 439 * Body Depth at Heel (mm) 102 * Body Depth at Base (mm)122 * Scale: 708mm./27 7/8" * Number of frets 21 * Nut Width: 44.45mm./1 3/4" * Factory Tuning Setup: B-E-A-D-F#-B * Electronics: SYS550 designed by B-BAND
3 Band EQ preamp.

**** YOUTUBE ****

Embedded clip is from Alvarez themselves, dating back to 2013, including the "pep-talk", so undoubtedly the same version. Additional link 1 to another of the makers videos, and Link 2 to a further clip from DRRhythm1967.
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