A Rare Guitar over here! Beautiful Reddish Sunburst Finish top, and remarkable Fiddleback type Grain Banding to Book-matched back. Quality Soundhole Pickup, and Quality Case included.

Newly Available! - 16/08/2021 - Selling on commission for a customer - The owner of the guitar has sent a number of sound clips he has had recorded using the Morris - hopefully I should be able to forward one on request.

Information available on the Morris Guitars is very limited, and most of the sale advertisements you see are from Japan or other countries in that region. There is of course a Morris Guitars website, outlining the History of the company and it's founder, Mr. Toshio Moridaira.

From the company's website it can be seen that they still produce 2 MG models, which are of all solid timber construction. Some of the few advertisements I have picked up from the internet for this model, MG-30 describe solid timbers, and appear to confirm the assumption that the inside label serial number of 91*****, would suggest that the production year for the guitar was 1991.

I have not repeated parrot fashion the solid timber designation, as I know from long experience that folks are prone to get this wrong quite frequently.....but I have to say that having examined the soundhole edge, and the endpin jack socket hole, I have seen nothing to make it obvious that he guitar does incorporate laminate timbers....I'll put it no more positively than that!

I haven't been able to identify any new list prices, or even online prices for current Morris Guitar production, but resale ads for earlier Japanese made models not infrequently have four-figure price tags.
Stock Number: VTG1582.

Produced in one of the quality guitar-making plants in Korea, the guitar is of Spruce & Mahogany X-Braced quality construction, Cream edged, Multi-bound top, bound back, neck & headstock, Body Back & End Strip Inlays, Headstock Inlays, and large dot inlays to gently radiused Fingerboard. I haven't checked nut & saddle, but both correctly radiused...nut does look like bone, but can't be sure without examination. Characteristic shaped Tortoiseshell scratchplate

Very similar body outline to the iconic Gibson J-45, with just marginally smaller or larger dimensions dimensions at each point....Body Length: J-45 - 51.1cm./20.1" / MG-30 - 51.1cm./20.1"...Body Width - Lower Bout: J-45 - 40.55cm./15.95" / MG-30 - 40.25cm./15.85"...Middle Bout: J-45 - 26.9cm./10.6" / MG-30 - 26cm./10.25"...Upper Bout: J-45 - 29cm./11.4" / MG-30 - 28.75cm./11.3"....

......but significantly, with the standard, modern longer Scale Length: 650mm., equates to 25.6", rather than Gibson 24.75"/629mm., although MG-30 standard modern Nut Width: 43mm., is almost exactly the same as the Gibson 1 11/16"/42.9mm.

L R Baggs soundhole pickup installed looks like an MI Passive unit....a quality pickup, with online new price around £150. New online price for TGI traditional case seems to be £70-£80 region....I have seen advert photos of MG-30s with similar cases, so if these guitars were supplied with a quality case like that when new, it is an indication of the original quality standard/pricing!

Acoustic sound is already great, even with old, extra-light strings!
No real visible play wear to the frets and fingerboard. I have gently dressed a few slightly rough fret ends, but no other overhaul work. Much of the finish is pretty good for a near 30 year old guitar, but light, normal use marking is noted in places. Colour remains truly vibrant! Enclosed machine head tuners are clean & bright, and work smoothly.
Action, strings & cases
The guitar plays cleanly on particularly low acoustic action of 1.75mm./2.25mm. at 12th. fret.

Existing strings are quite recent Ernie Ball Earthwood, 10-46 gauge, preferred by my customer, which I will leave in place for the buyer to make their own choice, when the time comes to renew. If I were fitting new strings, I would probably settle for Custom Light 11-52, rather than my most frequently fitted Light 12s, reflecting the additional string tension produced by the longer scale of this guitar.

The case may be original to the guitar, as mentioned above, but can't be sure. However it is a substantial, quality traditional TGI case, full intact, except no key.
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Embedded clip is entitled "Morris MG30" by maki tatuya2014

This and both Additional links reflect the Japanese/Korean origins of Morris guitars.

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The owner of the guitar has sent a number of sound clips he has had recorded using the Morris - hopefully I should be able to forward one on request.

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