Blues 12-string - "American Heritage Series"? Prof. Overhauled, 47.5mm. Nut Width, Approx. 2.25mm./2.75mm. 12th. fret string adjustable action height, 650mm. Scale Length.

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Selling on commission for a customer, who is a long-established gigging Guitarist & Singer, now playing mainly other Stringed Instruments.

If you follow my listings you will know that, amongst all the other guitar types I sell regularly, I am rather partial to Vintage 12-String Guitars. I have seen this model described as a Kay "American Heritage Series" model, but there is no headstock decal remaining, just the inside label, which makes no reference to this, just the KD28-12 model number. The model was initially made in the Eko factory in Italy, in the period immediately after the Kay Company in Chicago closed in 1968, when it was produced with a fixed bridge, just like the much more numerous Eko Ranger 12-strings.

In the early '70s production moved to Korea, when the model reverted to the tailpiece layout, in the longstanding USA 12-string tradition (viz. the Stella 12 strings, both of the Oscar Schmidt, New Jersey, pre-1939 era, and the Harmony, Chicago 1940 - 1975 period.....which is why I suggest this might be tried as a very modest priced blues 12-string!
Stock Number: VTGC1038.

A really nice early Korean-made Kay 12-string guitar, providing a modestly priced but very playable, working 12-string, with the added and unusual advantage provided by a 12 string guitar equipped with a quality tailpiece, for "that sound".

Priced well below the bracket for the contemporary Japanese-made 12 strings, including those from Suzuki & Kasuga, currently in the 400/500 range, let alone the USA Harmony Stella Bluesman's Stellas, commanding a good deal more, and which incorporate the same tailpiece design, this guitar offers a very economical option for a really effective vintage 12-string guitar.

The nicely coloured and grained pale Spruce top has Black painted binding, in the well-established tradition of USA Harmony Stella guitars, with attractive coloured soundhole rings, and original Black pickguard. The richly-coloured back is slightly arched, with matching sides and Chrome endpin strap-button.

There is much discussion regarding solid/laminate tops, in relation to Vintage Guitars. The advantage of good-quality laminate in guitar construction is their longevity, freedom from cracking problems so often affecting vintage guitars incorporating solid timbers, and their durability. I have to say that there is a fine difference in sound that highly trained ears, like those of the professional luthier I work with, can detect.....for the rest of us there are just great sounding guitars, and I prefer the judgement of my less finely tuned ears!
The guitar is in overall excellent structural & cosmetic condition.....only a little play & general use marking, for a guitar around 40, or may be slightly more, years old. The main body surfaces show very little sign of marking, but typically there is edge wear & slight chipping in places, although minimal for a vintage guitar, and in no way unsightly or detrimental.

The general overhaul I have completed includes light stoning & re-profiling frets, following adjusting the trussrod, minor attention to the original nut, followed by fitting new set of strings and set-up adjustments. The ebonised fingerboard shows just a little play wear in a very few places. The open-geared, 6-on-a-strip machineheads/tuners, which appear to be the originals, are generally bright, showing little age-related discolouration and work fine. All in all I think that you will agree that the photos show that this remains a very handsome guitar.

Action, strings & cases
It plays nicely, with good/low action for a 12-string, at approx. 2.25mm./2.75mm. at the 12th. fret., following overhaul & set-up. It is strung with a set of Martin Bronze XL 10-47 gauge strings.

There is no case with the guitar, but I have some Gigbags, or if you require a case offering greater protection, I do have Hiscox Liteflite hardshell and other cases, and if I can marry the guitar to a suitable hard case for you, I am happy to discuss an inclusive price for Guitar and case.

*** YOUTUBE ***

There are various YouTube clips of Kay-made and other similar 12 strings, but I haven't yet found any of this particular model.

Not saying that a USA-made Kay 12-string or Harmony Stella is comparable, but just for interest I have embedded Paul Brett's demo of a USA Kay 12, with a couple from the selection of YouTube clips of Harmony Stella 12s as additional links below.
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