Available in existing condition. Rare early example of the Iconic Hoboken-made Guild F-212 for your own restoration.

New Listing - 09/05/2017.

Customer's Sale, but here for inspection.

Available in existing condition as a Restoration/Partial Re-build Project.

Realitic Offers are Invited.

Update - 10/05/17 - Sold Immediately to Midlands based Luthier/Restorer.


Opportunity to buy an example of the iconic & very rare first production year, Hoboken-made Guild F-212 at less than the cost of the new Chinese-made offering & fund your own restoration/ partial re-build. If correctly repaired & restored this is a guitar which will have signifuicant value, due to the rarity of early examples of the model.
Stock Number: VTGC1039.

The original Guild F-212, rather than the XL or Jumbo version. The serial number indicates that it was built at the famous Hoboken plant in the earlier part of 1964, therefore with 12 months of the inception of this iconic & much spught-after model.

A comfortably sizes guitar, not dissimilar to the Martin OM in overall shape, just a bit fuller on all dimensions....15.75"/40cm. lower bout width, 20"/50.8cm. body length, 3.75"/9.5cm. body depth upper bout & a meaty 4.75"12.1cm. at the lower bout, full width 12-sting neck, with 2"/51mm. nut width, but shallow D profile, and 25.5"/647mm. scale length.

It really seems superfluous for me to to detail the appointments of such a well-known model guitar, but very happy to answer any questions you may have either via email or phone. I think it is clear from the photos that, despite the issues it has, it remains a handsome vintage guitar. Indeed, rather concentrate on outlining the repair & restoration issues affecting the guitar in the following "Condition" section..
The condition appears to be all original, except for the metal, slotted bridge saddle....no bad idea, as string pairing/spacing can be an issue with 12 strings, due to the conjestion of bridge pins, but in this case the slotting does not appear to be quite correctly spaced, as everything seems to be pushed over toward the treble side slightly. However, I'm sure not the original, and other F-212s I've seen have standard bone saddles.

I have not carried out a survey of the guitar, and it must be said that composition of a complete schedule of repairs at this stage is impossible. Restoration & partial re-build projects like this frequently through up additional jobs in the process of opening up and exposing the work to be done....as I know only too well from the many I have done.

However, I can outline the principal repair & restoration issues affecting the guitar, which include:-
Top repairs - the top is cracked and sunken around the treble side of the soundhole and scratchplate area, with at least one active crack the length of the scratchplate. There are at least a couple of further fine crack lines on the treble side of the lower bout, at least one of them moving. The soundhole itself has suffered a little distortion, again on the treble side...from a soundhole pickup perhaps? Couple of digs in the top may be dealt with if refinishing is required following the completion of top repairs.
Top bracing repairs - the top damage is undoubtedly due to a broken x-brace, which will require replacement. The sinkage and cracking may well suggest further bracing damage/displacement, and the body will need to be opened up, presumeably by removing the back in order to complete the repairs.
Back repairs - it is the treble side again. Signs of finish disturbance from previous repair and probably 3 further crack lines, one actively moving, suggest again that there may be damage, or at least displacement to back bracing, which could require reoplacement/re-fixing also.

Otherwise the oerall condition is very much as you would expect for a 50-odd year old vintage guitar, various chips, scratches & limited areas of finish loss...all part of the essential character of a vintage guitar! I can feel slight "steps" in jointing at the rear & to the bindings...age-shrinkage to the bindings?....seams can be checked during work outlined above. I'm assuming that the Rosewood bridge is original....it seems secure, but one rear corner is slightly lifted. Nut also appears sound. Trussrod cover has not been taken off, nor trussrod checked. Original open-gear tuners look good, very little age-related discolouration, generally bright & appear to work fine.
Action, strings & cases
After all that, you are not going to believe me when I say that, despite all the issues affecting the guitar, it is a delight to pick up & play! Excellent 12-string action of 2.25mm./3.25mm. at the 12th. fret. on straight neck, with nominally correct playing relief.

Straight out of the case, without re-tuning it was almost in tune....shouldn't have been but the owner hadn't done it the kindness of de-tuning to take some tension off while stored. To be diplomatic best not to enquire how long a period it took the strings to drop from concert pitch standard tuning by about 10 cents only on average....it was almost in tune with itself! This bodes well for the future life of the guitar!

Existing strings will be retained, and the case it came in included...not original, but solid traditional case, some lifting to the edges of covering material, but all hinges, catches & handle appear to operate satisfactorily, gold material inner lining, no keys.

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As you would expect there are various YouTube clips of F-212s, but who better to demo this iconic 12-string than Paul Brett, so the embedded clip is entitled "Guild F212 12 string 1960's" - Paul Brett's Vintage Guitars.
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