Brief details of previously sold Vintage USA Electrics - please see "Inventory: Restorations Available to Pre-Order" pages for any similar guitars currently "In the Workshop", or contact me.
I tend to bang on about Vintage Acoustics, so you might get the impression that those are all I'm interested in, but that is not the case....I do appreciate the simplicity of Acoustic Guitars, and Wood and Wooden-made instruments are the things I am comfortable working on....but no "baby-boomer", born in the late '40s, and growing up through the '60s can say anything other than that a large number of the musical highlights of their life have been created on the Electric Guitar! Need I say more!

As with Acoustics, and despite the lower numbers, you may detect a certain trend of my liking for quality affordable guitars, in the field of Electric Guitars as well as Acoustics. Hence, together with the other VTG Archive pages titled "Electic Jazz Guitars" & just "Electric Guitars", the latter having the Japanese versions of the iconic Fender & Gibson models, particularly those imported by Mr. Marshall, and the more recent Jazz based offerings of Washburn & Tanglewood, which I offer when I can.

Here we have, for the time being, just have a couple of USA originals....iconic ones at that.....particularly the "Jimmy Reed Model" Kay "Thin Twin"....one of my abiding regrets that I merely sold it for my long-standing customer, Perry Foster, and didn't find the funds to buy it myself, and save it from getting into the hands of someone & his "luthier", who sadly carried out neck alterations....ah, well!
Here are some, not all, of the Vintage USA Electric Archtop & Hollow-bodied Guitars I have sold in recent times - in some cases similar models may be available or coming along shortly. Please check current listing, "In the Workshop" sections or enquire for current availability, prices and further details.

2012 SALES:

*** SOLD *** KAY K161 THIN TWIN VINTAGE 1955/1957 RARE ORIGINAL JIMMY REED ELECTRIC GUITAR - Superb Condition Iconic Original Model not the Reissue sold for the "Big Daddy of British Blues" Perry Foster - maybe a long time before the chance to sell an Original Vintage Guitar as iconic as this one, and with the player connections that the Thin Twin can boast - not only was the guitar coming from a Bluesman who is a figurehead of the British Blues Establishment, it has become the signature model of players of the standing of Jimmy Reed and T-Bone Burnett, and original Thin Twins have also has been played by Howlin' Wolf and Bob Dylan. The Thin Twin was launched by Kay in 1952 - at the same time as Gibson launched the Les Paul! They don't get better than this! - VTGC1001 - Photo #1, #2 & #3.

2014 SALES:

*** SOLD ON PRE-ORDER! *** HARMONY H39 HOLLYWOOD VINTAGE 1966 ALL SOLID BIRCH ARCHTOP BLUES/JAZZ GUITAR - DeArmond Gold Foil Pickup. Great Condition. Professional Restoration completed included Neck Reset, Fingerboard & Fret work, plus Electrics checked over, for commissioned sale to Perry Foster - 140301 - VTG1412 - Photos #4, #5 & #6.

2020 SALES:

*** SOLD ON PRE-ORDER! *** HARMONY H54 "ROCKET" USA VINTAGE 1967 SINGLE-CUTAWAY 2 "DOUBLE MUSTACHE" P/U ELECTRIC SLIMLINE SEMI ARCHTOP GUITAR - DeArmond Goldfoil Pickups, Short 24.25"/615mm. Scale, Minor Restoration in Progress, incl. Re-fret - Immediate reservation of the guitar, by an existing customer....then completed his third VTG guitar purchase! - 200602 - VTG1572 - Photos #7, #8 & #9.

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**** YOUTUBE ****

You can find numerous clips on YouTube, including the one I have embedded here....there is only one candidate for the one to use...video Of T-Bone playing his Kay Thin Twin, which I believe is a 1955 original, backing Alison Krauss and Robert Plant - it just doesn't get any better than this! - and what about the sunburst Archtop alongside - another '50s Kay made Silvertone??
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