Mature, Iconic Style, Deep-bodied Blond Jazzer. Excellent Professionally Overhauled Condition, Playability, Sound & Vibe.

*** VTG LIVE & NOW SOLD! - 01/12/2016 - Sold & on it's way to buyer in Hampshire!

....AND THE FEEDBACK! - "Guitar arrived safe and sound. Plays and sounds great. Many thanks for your help."

Here is another great Washburn Jazzer - a particular liking of mine, having over the years owned/sold a good number from the range, including J3s, J5s, other J6s and J9s....the J6 & J9 sadly now discontinued by Washburn.
Stock Number: VTG1529.

This is an exceptionally good deep-bodied electric archtop guitar heavily inspired by the iconic Gibson L5 CES design, or as the "Blue Book of Electric Guitar Values" describes it, "ES-5 style". The Blue Book gives the years of production as 1989-2004. Of all the hollow-bodied archtop electrics Washburn have produced since the 1980s, the J-6, and particularly the "Montgomery" model, which I think was introduced about '95, is clearly my favourite.

The guitar has been professionally overhauled, including a thorough"sorting out" of the electrics, involving fitting a new quality pickup select toggle switch from WDMusic, a new tone pot, a new jack socket and correcting/re-soldering all wiring connections. In addition to the the frets have been stoned & re-profiled, removing small wear grooves, a replacement pickguard has been purpose made in tortoiseshell material, and fitted with new gold bracket/screw assembly, and a replacement NOS Washburn gold tailpiece, which I have had for some time, has been fitted, in place of the damaged unit the guitar came with.

The nearest equivalent, L5 style guitar in the current Washburn range is the J7. The forum comments you read on the net suggest that recent models have been Chinese made and not of the high quality of the earlier Korean made examples. Bearing in mind that the "Montgomery" version of the J-6 was introduced around 1995, from details in the Archive section of the Washburn Guitars website, I had thought that perhaps this one may have been produced a little earlier, particularly because the archive indicates that the guitars from 1995 & 1996 had Spruce tops, as this one does, whereas it indicates that those fron '97 to 2000 are all Maple. It is also indicates that the '95/'96 models have Sycamore back & sides, which could well be the timber on this guitar. However, Maple & Sycamore are closely related trees, and their timbers are often confused. The archive gives no details for the year 2001 & on. I have another J-6 Montgomery with a similar, but bit earlier Serial Number, which I had been informed when it came to me, was a 2001 made guitar, so I assume that this one dates from either 2000 or 2001.

Although my main interest is in Vintage guitars, and in the main acoustics at that, I am also very partial to what might be called "replica" guitars - quality guitars based very closely on iconic models such as the L5 - which can be of very good quality and often represent outstanding guitars (and value!) in their own right - you do have to ask the question as to whether the original is worth 10x plus? Hence my enthusiasm for the Washburn J range. To me, with it's bound "F" holes, Grover tuners and nice-sounding Washburn pickups, this guitar just has that "right look" and sound of a serious quality jazz guitar!

It hardly seems necessary to describe at length the features of such a well known style - I'm sure that the photos more than adequately show the great condition and quality looks, including the full multi-binding to the body and fingerboard. It really looks and sounds the part, with Twin Humbuckers, with usual dual tone and volume controls.

Great sound for Jazz and Blues styles! Deep bodied - 8.5mm. front, 9.5mm. back, scale length 648mm./25 1/2". Superb to play with usual 42mm. nut width (Washburn Guitars Archive suggests that it should be 43mm. from '95 on, but this measures 42mm., same as earlier models) to the really classy looking split-block inlayed Rosewood fingerboard, quite shallow "C" profile neck.
For a mature guitar it really is in generally very smart condition, with in addition to normal light use wear, just a small number of very minor blemishes, plus the smallest of localised finish cracks around the jack socket - you have to look very closely to find them.

Original except for the purpose-made pickguard, replacement NOS Washburn res-o-tone tailpiece and the replaced tone pot, jack socket and pickup selector switch mentioned earlier. Original hardware of course shows some age wear, whereas the replaced tailpiece and pickguard bracket are shiny new...but will no doubt tone down fairly soon! The jumbo frets have been stoned & re-profiled, and there is very little play wear to the fingerboard. I am just carrying the final set-up to be ready to go.

As also mentioned previously, the electrics have been thoroughly checked & overhauled, by the highly respected luthier I work with. I hope that you will agree that the photos show that this remains a handsome & characterful mature guitar.
Action, strings & cases
It currently has an excellent action of around 1.75mm./2mm. at the 12th. fret, and I'm not expecting any significant change on completion of the final set-up. It is currently fitted with an old set of Jazz Chromes, which I believe would have been 10-46. I would anticipate that a buyer of a guitar like this will have there own preferences and wish to fit new strings of their own choice.

There is no case included with the guitar, but I may be able to supply a used hardshell case or virtually new Hiscox Liteflite case specially fitted out for this guitar. Large hard shell cases fitted for these big guitars are not so easy to come by, but if one is available I will be happy to discuss and agree with you a combined price for guitar + case.

**** YOUTUBE ****

You can find numerous clips of the Washburn J-6 on YouTube, but the one entitled "Washburn J6 Wes Montgomery" by "de1955" I have embedded here, is a "Montgomery" model, same as the one on sale, as is the one from "accordoTV" which is "Useful Link" #1 below, and the one by "MrJazzenko", on which the La Bella Black Nylon Tapewood 800L strings sound really interesting, and which is "Useful Link" #2.

There are a good number of other videos of these great guitars you can check out on YouTube including a number by another extensive YouTube contributor, "polkzoo"!
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