Brief details of previously sold Guitars from 1930s - please see "Inventory: Restorations Available to Pre-Order" pages for any similar guitars currently "In the Workshop", or contact me.
As with other VTG Archive pages, the guitars shown here reflect my likes & interests in terms of vintage guitars, particularly all types of Blues Guitars.

This time again not a single maker, but concentrating on the now rare Roundhole Archtop Guitars produced by the Harmony, Regal and other Chicago based makers, the Resonators Regal produced under Licence from Dobro & the Faux Resonators made by Harmony, all in the Depression period and years that followed.
Here are some, if not all, of the USA made Roundhole Archtop, Resonator & Faux Resonator Guitars from the 1930s I have sold in recent times - in some cases other examples of the same models may be currently available, or at least "in the workshop". Please enquire for current availability, prices and further details.


*** SOLD *** REGAL ORIGINAL DOBRO LICENSED VINTAGE 1930s RESONATOR GUITAR - In Mid-1930s Dobro granted Regal a License to make Wooden-bodied Resonators, which became exclusive in 1937....this is one of them, Restored and Playing excellently - Sold to South Coast buyer - Photo #4.


*** SOLD *** HARMONY USA VINTAGE 1930s ORIGINAL FAUX RESONATOR 12 FRET "V" NECK BLUES/SLIDE GUITAR - Professionally Restored, Great BluesTone, Wood-bodied Guitar with Metal Coverplate without Resonator Cone - "A poor man's Blues instrument" - Another of these Rare Guitars coming available shortly! - Sold to buyer in Scotland. - VTG1123 - Photo #5.


*** SOLD *** REGAL BRUNO USA VINTAGE 1930s ROUNDHOLE ARCHTOP ACOUSTIC BLUES GUITAR - Faux Mahogany Finish, All Solid Birch, All Original. but with Headstock repair by specialist professional Luthier, Maker attributed to Regal, now confirmed by Bruno label on another matching example - Second sale to customer in Northern Italy - VTG1013 - Photo #1.

2012 Sales:

*** SOLD *** HARMONY USA VINTAGE '30s ROUNDHOLE ARCHTOP CUSTOMISED "STELLA" JAZZ/BLUES GUITAR - All Mahogany Great Jazz Rhythm/Blues/RagTone Low Action - Believed to be a 1970s Luthier Rebuild of a 1934-1936 Harmony not a Stella model but with "Stella" added decal - VTG1185 - Photo #2.

2015 SALES:

*** SOLD ON PRE-ORDER! *** REGAL MADE BRUNO USA VINTAGE 1930S ROUNDHOLE ARCHTOP ACOUSTIC BLUES GUITAR - Original Distinctive Faux Mahogany Finish, All Solid Birch, Excellent Original Condition, Professional Restoration completed, including Re-levelling & re-fretting the Fingerboard - Sold to returning customer from Germany - his second VTG guitar of the year! - 150701 - VTG1263 - Photo #3.

2019 SALES:

*** SOLD ON PRE-ORDER! *** HARMONY CHICAGO, USA VINTAGE 1936 ACOUSTIC BLUES FAUX RESONATOR GUITAR W/ORIG. PUNCHED METAL COVER PLATE - Fully Original from "Depression Era" Solid Birch-Bodied V-Neck 12 Fret Faux Flame/Dark Sunburst Finish - "A poor man's Blues instrument - " - 190205 - VTG1542 - Photo #6.


*** SOLD ON PRE-ORDER! *** KAY MARVELTONE CHICAGO, USA VINTAGE c.1940 ACOUSTIC BLUES OVAL/ROUNDHOLE ARCHTOP/JUMBO 26" SCALE GUITAR - A Very Rare & All Original Acoustic Guitar, Excellent Restored Condition, Fingerboard Re-levelled & Re-fretted, Original Kluson Single-line Tuners, Newtone Master Class Strings - Sold to pro-musician based in Somerset, pending restoration completion in next few days, who then travelled up here to try & buy! - 190303 - VTG1248 - Photo #7.


*** SOLD *** HARMONY STELLA H929 "HAWAIIAN" CHICAGO, USA VINTAGE 1959 ACOUSTIC SQUARE-NECK LAP SLIDE, BLUEGRASS, COUNTRY, BLUES, DOBRO GUITAR - Sold immediately to Toby Wilson pro-musician & Online Session Player, from north Staffordshire....I can forward a sound track Toby has made using his square-neck "Stella" & a Martin OOO-15. - 190403 - VTG1539 - Photo #8.

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**** YOUTUBE ****

Struggling a bit to find YouTube clips of these rare Roundhole Archtop guitars, but I have embedded one entitled "1930s Supertone round-hole archtop" by "guitarded71".

Additional Link #1 below is from one of my favourite YouTube contributors, "BottleneckJohn", entitled "Faux-Bro!! A resonator guitar with no resonator, LIVE!....not much more to be said....except check out his many more YouTube contributions....thoroughly recommend a trawl through his YouTube library!

You can find numerous vintage resonator clips on YouTube, including the one included here as Additional Link #2..."Dobro resonator guitar. My 1937-1940 Dobro. Likely made at the Regal factory" by "madrone55".
Useful links
YouTube clip by BottleneckJohn - Faux-Bro!
YouTube clip by madrone55 - My 1937-1940 Dobro. Likely made at the Regal factory.
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